A wide-ranging new funding Programme worth £10 million per year has been launched by the UK Government to advance net zero aviation and boost high-skilled jobs. 

In the pursuit of innovative, clean, and green air travel, the UK government has launched an initiative valued at £10 million annually to support cutting-edge small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the aerospace sector. 

The launch of the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) SME Programme comes at a crucial time when the global aviation industry is grappling with the complex challenge of achieving sustainability. Discussions on the limitations of current technologies, such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), highlight the restrictions in significantly reducing aviation emissions before 2070. The soaring demand for air travel, coupled with economic and logistical challenges, has presented a daunting task for the industry to align itself with ambitious net-zero carbon emission targets by 2050. 

Prior to this initiative the government provided £685 million in funding for the ATI Programme in 2022. Undoubtedly this investment builds on the government’s commitment to aerospace R&D success. The ATI Hub is a key element of the SME Programme. They will provide sessions with ATI technologists, themed innovation workshops, and guidance on preparing for pitch-panel presentations and at the same time builds connections between start-ups, SMEs, and larger organisations.

This programme could be a transformative step towards maintaining and growing the UK’s competitive position in aerospace while accelerating the transition to net-zero aviation. Simultaneously the UK government demonstrates this same commitment to innovation and sustainability across the energy sector. Evident through the passing of the Energy Act and many other recent case studies. The combination of aerospace sustainability and energy sustainability has the potential to propel us towards a more sustainable future in the skies. 

Source: Gov.com Press Release


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