Delivering solutions for a Global Britain

InvestUK is a specialist business consultancy connecting foreign entrepreneurs and investors with business and investment opportunities in the United Kingdom.

We are recognised as the leading firm facilitating Inward Investment flows into the UK enterprise economy and closely align with British Government policy on inward investment and immigration.

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We’ve managed over 350 inward investment projects:

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What we do

We create value by closely aligning our specialist business support services and unique, multi-channel investment platform for UK investment opportunities with our clients’ investment and immigration aspirations. We create value for shareholders, entrepreneurs, investors, international distribution partners and the UK enterprise economy.

This is achieved by:

Supporting the successful entry of international entrepreneurs and businesses into the UK market

Expanding our global investor network and matching it with unquoted UK business and investment opportunities

Delivering a suite of discretionary investment services, distributed through our global network

Our Services

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Investor services

We are the market leaders in helping international investors to make investments into the UK private enterprise economy.

business development

UK Business development services

We offer a complete range of support services for foreign entrepreneurs and investors seeking to establish a new UK business.

British Passport

Visa Assistance

Our comprehensive UK business solutions offer complete guidance and support for individuals and entrepreneurs from the beginning to the end of their visa and business journey.

UK business owners

Fundraising services

Using our global distribution network, we help UK businesses access foreign market expertise and fundraising opportunities.

The latest from our team

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InvestUK is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme established for the protection of investors does not apply.

Please be aware: Fraudsters are using the names and company details of InvestUK to sell investment products via Instagram and other social media channels. We do not operate an account on Instagram and do not sell products outside of our website. If you’ve been contacted by fraudsters using the InvestUK name or if you’re worried that communications from InvestUK might not be genuine, please contact us to let us know.