InvestUK helps individuals, family offices and corporates from around the world to invest, set up businesses and live in the UK.

Since our founding in 2013, we have helped hundreds of highly-skilled individuals, family offices and corporates to achieve their objectives in the United Kingdom and in turn, contribute to British society. Having built ties with the United Kingdom, these individuals continuously channel a flow of diverse cultural and professional skills into the UK, creating jobs, sustaining communities and contributing to the UK economy. Our work has a lasting influence on the individuals, families and communities we serve.

Statistics accurate as at December 2023

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investment facilitated across all UK regions

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570 investors

originating from 45 countries worldwide

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10,000 jobs

created by our work


Investing across the UK

Our work supports all regions of the United Kingdom, and we are increasingly focused on channelling investment into the Northern Powerhouse, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Building a global network

We take a collaborative approach, working across borders with private organisations and the UK Government to develop new solutions, build international connections and drive development into the United Kingdom.

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Rupert Gather and Shelley Lewis at the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education

InvestUK Chairman Rupert Gather speaks about the importance of connectivity at the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education

Rupert highlights the Marco Polo Foundation’s 700th-anniversary commemoration, stressing the Silk Road’s historical importance, contemporary relevance across 33 countries, and the foundation’s mission to apply Marco Polo’s legacy for modern cultural connectivity through trade, culminating in a 2024 digital art exhibition aimed at celebrating diversity and unity, especially among young artists.

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InvestUK’s shift towards Angel and Venture investment

InvestUK has been helping international innovators and investors with UK business opportunities since 2013, resulting in foreign direct investment of £250m and the creation of over 9,000 new British jobs. 

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