Please be aware: Fraudsters are using the names and company details of InvestUK to sell investment products via Instagram and other social media channels. We do not operate an account on Instagram and do not sell products outside of our website. If you’ve been contacted by fraudsters using the InvestUK name or if you’re worried that communications from InvestUK might not be genuine, please contact us to let us know.

We offer a range of services to help you with your UK business, visa, investment and fundraising objectives.

Our global teams in London and Beijing enable us to provide a comprehensive service with global coverage, designed to fit your needs.

InvestUK specialise in Innovator Founder visa preparation, the Skilled Worker visa by Investment and Skilled Worker visa ‘self-sponsorship’ routes, having supported over 500 clients with their relocation to and investment in the UK. We also support with the UK Global Expansion visa.

UK Investment

Invest in the UK

Use our extensive portfolio to make a private enterprise investment in the United Kingdom.

business development

Start a UK business

Our experienced consultants provide a comprehensive service to help you plan, optimise, launch and scale a UK business.

UK Passport

Live in the UK

Discover how you and your family could live, work and study in the United Kingdom and obtain British Citizenship.

Mature mixed race business man

Innovator Founder visa

Support for experienced professionals to plan, develop, apply and launch a UK business under the Innovator Founder visa category.

startup in uk

Skilled Worker visa

Support for ambitious individuals to build a career in the UK under the Skilled Worker visa category.

UK Expansion Worker visa

Support for those working for an overseas business to relocate to the UK to set up a branch of the existing overseas business in the UK under the UK Expansion Worker visa category.

UK business owners

Fundraise for your UK business

We can introduce you to a range of potential foreign investors with the financial assets and commitment to help you succeed.

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Book a free consultation with our professional multi-lingual team to discuss your objectives and discover the right strategy for you.

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