Please be aware: Fraudsters are using the names and company details of InvestUK to sell investment products via Instagram and other social media channels. We do not operate an account on Instagram and do not sell products outside of our website. If you’ve been contacted by fraudsters using the InvestUK name or if you’re worried that communications from InvestUK might not be genuine, please contact us to let us know.

Our overall mission is to support the United Kingdom in its global ambitions.


With an outstanding reputation as a place to live and work, the UK is the natural home for ambitious foreign investors and their families. Since 2013, InvestUK has promoted these attributes to attract high quality inward investment and stimulate a culture of innovation that supports the United Kingdom in its global ambitions.

Our goals

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We support UK business development, help to increase productivity and export levels, attract high quality inward investment and stimulate a culture of innovation.
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We help new and existing UK businesses succeed through a combination of financial support, tailored guidance, visa-consultancy services and information.

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We provide support for sectors that offer high returns for the United Kingdom economy. This involves helping to build the connections that will promote excellence in specific areas.

Our Impact

Our work has a lasting influence on the individuals, families and communities we serve. Over the last eight years we have helped hundreds of highly-skilled individuals to achieve their objectives in the United Kingdom. Having built ties with the United Kingdom, these individuals continuously channel a flow of diverse cultural and professional skills into the UK, creating jobs, supporting businesses, sustaining communities and contributing to the UK economy.

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InvestUK is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme established for the protection of investors does not apply.