Oracle Founder Taps Tony Blair to Lead Efforts in Creating UK Companies Worth Billions

The Telegraph writes that Larry Ellison, the founder of American software giant Oracle, is making a substantial investment in the UK, aiming to create tens of thousands of jobs and tackle global challenges such as developing batteries and combating superbugs. Last year, Ellison announced the establishment of the Ellison Institute of Technology (EIT) in Oxford, under the leadership of Sir John Bell, with a focus on addressing significant global issues.

The initiative, in collaboration with former Labour Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair, seeks to nurture homegrown companies worth billions of pounds. Sir John Bell, renowned for his involvement in the Covid vaccine rollout, emphasized that Ellison’s decision to invest in Britain stems from the country’s untapped potential in effectively leveraging its scientific prowess. Ellison views the UK as a prime location to harness excellent scientific research and tackle global challenges on a significant scale.

The $1bn Oxford campus, scheduled to open next year, aims not only to inject millions of pounds into existing companies but also to foster the creation of new ventures from scratch. With priorities ranging from medicine to food security, clean energy, and government policy, the Institute endeavours to pioneer ground-breaking solutions. Sir John highlighted initiatives such as developing a new superfuel that emulates the energy of the sun, illustrating the ambitious scope of the project and its potential to drive innovation and job creation in the UK.

Read the full article from the telegraph here.


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