The UK has an open, liberal economy, a whole host of talented individuals and a business-friendly regulatory environment. The UK’s excellent infrastructure, pro-business policies and strategic location make it a preferred destination for businesses large and small. 

In alignment with its commitment to creating a greener economy, a top priority for the government, the UK has actively pursued the development of world-class green infrastructure. The government, armed with £12billion in investment, have committed to scale up world-class green infrastructure. In 2022, UK emissions fell by 8.9%, 49% below 1990 levels, faster than any other G7 Nations. 

The UK was the most successful country for attracting FDI in Green Energy in 2022, with £45.1billion being invested into Scotland following a large push for renewables after developers secured seabed leasing rights with huge potential for offshore wind farms. 

A leading example of inward investment into the UK’s energy sector is Essar Capital. Essar Capital is an Indian multinational conglomerate company founded in 1969, with a great focus on investing within the industrial sector. The Brownfield acquisition made by Essar has greatly improved the productivity of Stanlow Refinery and has progressively changed the Refinery to heighten efficiency and benefit the local communities around the area. See below the progression of Essar Capital in the UK energy sector. 

  • Aug 2011 – Essar Energy PLC undergoes a £290million acquisition of Stanlow Oil Refinery (UK’s second largest refinery) in the North-West of England 
  • May 2014 – The world’s largest regenerator head was built, transported and installed within a critical time-frame. 
  • June 2015 – Essar Capital support a number of charities including, West Cheshire Foodbank, Supporting disabled children 
  • May 2021 – Low Carbon Project at Stanlow secured Government backing, £7.2million grant from the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund 
  • March 2023 – UK Government commit up to £20billion in funding for the early deployment of carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) to help meet its climate commitments. 

Stanlow Refinery contributes an estimated £60million to the local community per annum, employing 5000 people indirectly through the indirect value chain, as well as supplying 16% of the UK’s road transport fuels. 

Essar has an ambitious plan to turn the UK’s North-West into the country’s first net-zero industrial cluster. The Indian conglomerate announced a £1.75billion transformation of the refinery in Ellesmere Port between Manchester and Liverpool. The transformation of this refinery which is one of the ‘six most-polluting industrial clusters in the UK’ would, once decarbonised, slash industrial emissions in England’s North-West region by 20%. 

Philip Cox (CEO of Cheshire and Warrington LEP) believes that ‘foreign firms will without a doubt feature in these new projects’ and that a ‘ready supply chain of zero-carbon energy would make for an extremely attractive place for people to come and do business’. Companies that bring value to the UK and continue to provide value to the surrounding communities are vital to our country. 

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