Visa Services: A complete solution designed to help international individuals and entrepreneurs build their career and life in the United Kingdom.

The UK skilled worker visa route, innovator visa route and global expansion visa route are open to apply. To help with the relocation process, we provide a package of services designed to support individuals and their close family members with all aspects of their new life in the UK.

Our Visa assistance service includes seven key services:

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1. Premium Visa Service

Before you can start your new life in the UK you’ll need a visa. Our experienced team will handle this for you, making the application process stress-free for you and your family members.

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2. Expert Career Assistance

Through online workshops delivered by an award-winning team, one-to-one support from a personal career coach, exclusive job search and career tools and access to over 20 recruitment specialists, our programme will help you to stand out in the UK job market, prepare for job interviews, secure a work placement or start your own business.

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3. Education Consultancy

The British education system is regarded as one of the best in the world, with internationally-renowned schools and universities across a thriving independent sector and an extensive, well-funded state sector.

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child and central to a successful relocation. The competition for places at the best schools in the country is fierce, so starting your planning early is advised. We’ve partnered with leading state and independent education consultants to help you to find the best school for your children wherever you decide to live.

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4. Exclusive Property Search

From the peaceful Highlands of Scotland to the hustle and bustle of London, the UK is full of beautiful historic villages, busy cities and charming towns that offer a brilliant balance between the two.

As a new resident of the United Kingdom without a domestic credit history, employment or tax profile, you will need help to secure your home. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we’ll help you to find, negotiate and secure a great property for you and your family to live in.


5. Expert Tax Advice

The UK tax system is complex, characterised by the longest tax code in the world. This code has more than doubled in size since 1997, reaching 11,520 pages!

It is highly recommended to consult a tax advisor at major life events, such as when you move to a new country, start a new job, set up a business or purchase a home. To assist, we’ll help you to understand the UK tax system, complete your first tax return and open a UK bank account. In addition, we’ll provide you with a private consultation on your tax obligations and assistance with registering for local council tax in the area that you choose to live.


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6. Building a Network

Ambitious businesspersons who want to move to the UK sometimes believe that they don’t have any contacts in their targeted area. They assume, therefore, that they don’t have a strong launch-pad for their job search and post-job-search career success. It’s not just about who you know, but how you attract the kind of networks that can help you to grow your professional career in the UK.

Recognising this, our complimentary networking platform will help you to access off-market job opportunities, build your professional network and make fulfilling connections. Looking for work? Over 85% of job vacancies are filled through networking before they are advertised. Starting a business? The platform is the perfect tool to build your executive network, reach out to contacts in your industry, raise funding and secure new clients. Looking for new roles? Find non-executive directorate positions and boost your income.

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7. Lifestyle Support

Moving to a new country means adapting to new ways of doing things. Alongside learning what the typical cultural and social norms are, upon arrival in the UK there are several things you’ll need to arrange including opening a bank account, getting a National Insurance (‘NI’) number and registering with your local doctor (known as a ‘General Practitioner’ or ‘GP’). Everything you need to do to set up your life in the UK requires a secure UK address for official documentation to be sent to. For example, bank accounts and National Insurance numbers require a UK address. They will not send out official documentation to unsecured addresses like a hotel.

To ease the stress, we’ll look after you on arrival in the UK, help to arrange important services and a GP registration and provide guidance on British etiquette and settling into the UK way of life.


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