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FDI deals completed or contracted worth £24m


Retained clients currently looking to invest £6m in British companies


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Welcome to InvestUK

Bringing together foreign investors and UK investment opportunities

InvestUK is the market leader in bringing foreign direct investment (FDI) into unlisted UK companies. 

If you are an investor, we can introduce you to a wide range of projects with the potential to deliver excellent returns. Because all our investments are Tier 1 qualifying they also provide a route to UK residency. If you are a UK business looking for investment, we can help you secure the financial backing you need to fund expansion and realise potential.


Rupert Gather was interviewed on the Brexit Debate by Thomson Reuters at their Canary Wharf Studios. Rupert argued the private equity case for Brexit, suggesting that UK - China trade and investment would be unaffected or enhanced in this scenario. Rupert said he believed that the 'One Belt One Road' initiative was an inter-governmental not a China - EU concept, and that the Anglo-Sino relationship typified by the 'Golden Era' had greater significance for the future than any short term economic downside from Brexit.






InvestUK provides a valuable service to overseas entrepreneurs who want to invest in the UK which will potentially be a great benefit to the UK economy.


Nadhim Zahawi MP
Member of Parliament & Business
Innovation and Skills Select Committee.