The British education system has produced the second largest number of Noble Laureates; the 4th largest number of Olympic medallists and countless prominent world leaders. Take Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi, who both chose to study in the UK, or the University of Oxford which has produced more than 30 prominent world leaders alone. The British education system has also influenced the minds of beloved writers such as Shakespeare, Roald Dahl and J.K. Rowling. It’s a pedigree hard to match and small wonder, therefore, that a British education is regarded so highly worldwide.

Although UK universities are modern and metropolitan, with everything you would expect from world-leading institutions, the age of our education system and its importance since the times of King Henry the VIII makes a UK education one of the most admired and historically informed in the world. The UK’s oldest schools date back to 597 A.D, and Oxford and Cambridge University are the 2nd and 5th oldest universities in the world respectively. British teaching methods draw from these hundreds of years to inform practices today, making studying at a British university a rich and rewarding experience, different to that found anywhere else around the globe.

Read on to discover more about how studying in the UK could be one of the most enriching experiences of your life and a great pathway for those looking to gain permanent residency status in the UK. Get in touch here to find out how InvestUK can help make the process stress-free and straightforward.



  • The UK has a large number of world class universities
  • UK universities harbour strong international communities and diverse ways of thinking
  • Alumni of universities in the UK benefit from strong employment prospects post-graduation
  • Study in the UK can be the start of a journey to permanent residency


1. The UK has a large number of world class universities.

Ranking second place for higher education globally, the UK has 18 universities in the global top 100, with the University of Cambridge (3rd)The University of Oxford (6th), University College London (7th) and Imperial College London (8th) making up 40% of the top ten.

Aside from the occasional interview, admission to universities in the UK can be straightforward if you meet the grade requirements. Once admission has been granted, you will be ready to join the other half-a-million graduates that come to study in the UK every year. Your university will be able to guide you through all aspects necessary for your travel to the UK, your student visa status and settling into life in the UK.

The relative ease of access combined with a multitude of top-tier universities to choose from makes the UK a great choice for those looking to study abroad.


2. UK universities harbour strong international communities and diverse ways of thinking.

The UK has a diverse and tolerant culture and this is surely one of the main reasons why over 442,000 international students choose to study in the UK here every year. The UK’s international culture gives international students studying in the UK the best of both worlds, combining a sense of home and belonging with the opportunity to be completely immersed in new ways of life and thinking.


3. Alumni of UK universities benefit from strong employment prospects post-graduation.

Given the time, effort and money spent on gaining a world-class education, you need to know that it’ll all be worth it in the end. Choosing a UK university could be a smart move for your future prospects. Until recently, the United Kingdom was regarded 2nd only to the US in the eyes of employers as ranked by The World University Rankings’, moving to 4th in 2020 due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the effect this may have on the ease of employing UK graduates. Though, now a few years on from the Brexit vote, things are improving once again as it’s global ambitions start to take shape. Experts predict that Britain’s global outlook post-Brexit will be attractive for employers, with the UK poised to return to or surpass its previous ranking.

For those looking to stay on in the United Kingdom after their studies, graduating into the strong and stable UK economy is an opportunity too good to miss. The UK is currently in the top ten countries with the most abundant and high-quality employment opportunities, not just for graduates, but also for those looking for a career change or those looking to start a business. This gives great confidence and reassurance to those who choose to study in the UK that they will have a stable and secure lifelong career of their choosing.


4. Studying at a UK university can be the start of a journey to permanent residency.

By gaining a degree whilst simultaneously working in British-based companies, part-time and during holiday breaks, you will stand the best chance of gaining a employment opportunity and sponsored work visa (known as the Skilled Worker visa), which you can find out more about here. After holding the Skilled Worker visa for five years, you can then apply for permanent residency in the United Kingdom, meaning you will no longer need a visa to live and work here.

Another fast and arguably more flexible route for gaining UK permanent residency post-study in the UK is to start a business after graduation. International students that are aspiring entrepreneurs can apply for the Start-Up visa with a unique business proposal, and after two years on the visa, apply to switch to the Innovator visa. After you have run your business in the UK for 5 years (two years under the Start-Up and three under the Innovator visa), you will then be eligible to apply for UK settlement, which leads to permanent residency status.

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