Acquiring a visa to the UK is a complicated and time-consuming process, with the UK immigration rules often unclear as to whether an application meets the criteria or not.


The lack of information and numerous grey areas can become a barrier for many looking to immigrate to UK shores. Having strong legal representation will reduce the likelihood of committing any potentially damaging oversights that could lead to unexpected application rejections or problems once you’ve arrived in the UK.

For those looking to move to the UK for a period longer than 90 days, hiring a legal representative can save you time, stress, and even money in the case you have to resubmit your application. Paying hefty filing fees and enduring the months-long procedure to obtain a UK visa only to be rejected at the final hurdle would be quite an inconvenience to say the least. Here are our top three reasons why individuals seeking to obtain a UK visa should take advantage of an immigration lawyer.


1. Increased efficiency – avoid costly faux-pas’s!

Filing the correct paperwork, at the right times and with the most persuasive information is crucial to the process of acquiring a visa. The required paperwork can vary on a case by case basis and is usually extensive and complicated. Without the help of an expert legal professional, well versed in the process and with a knowledge bank built up from having helped hundreds if not thousands of clients, you could fall foul of the numerous pitfalls that could halt or delay your application – sometimes permanently.

If your case is complex and requires a large amount of documentation and careful wording, a lawyer can keep you on the right track. The cost of seeking legal advice is often more cost-effective than pursuing a potential legal challenge with a low chance of success. With the right assistance, what seems like a potential obstacle might become an opportunity for visa acceptance in the hands of the right legal professional.

Hiring an immigration lawyer to assist in your application has been shown to speed up the process by up to eight weeks. An immigration lawyer will know the best options available to you and can help you compile a strong application.


2. A service tailored to your needs

No matter what your situation, you’ll likely always have a few application strategies to choose between. Having a legal professional on hand can impart confidence in making those decisions and take off much of the mental burden. By drawing upon a wealth of firsthand experience, your immigration lawyer can lay out your options and give insight into the full scope and implications of each. After having decided a path forward, your lawyer will know the procedural manoeuvres necessary to achieve your desired outcome.


3. Immigration lawyers go above and beyond

Beyond tailoring your visa application, an immigration lawyer will be able to walk you through the correct steps in securing other legal documentation you may require such as appropriate work permits or marriage licenses. They can also advise on the particular laws that apply to immigrants and how to follow them. Deportation could occur if these laws are not properly adhered to, affecting your right to remain in the UK. Furthermore, an immigration lawyer can best prepare you for your interview at a consulate abroad, or USCIS within the country, and help streamline the process, greatly lowering the risk of the rejection of your application in the final stages.


4. Benefit from InvestUK’s strong application approval record

We are very proud of our 90% application approval record, especially when compared to the average 50% success rate for individuals making an application themselves. With our track record, you can be confident that your application has every chance of success.

InvestUK and our partnered immigration lawyers are on hand to streamline the application process and give you the best chance of success first time around allowing you to focus your attention where it’s needed most.

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