At InvestUK we make sure every step of your journey toward your new life in the UK is as straightforward as possible. This not only includes assisting you with your business or investment objectives, relocation and visa application but also helping to find the best place for you to settle in the UK. To help you make the all-important decision about where to live, we’ve picked out some of the best cities, beautiful countryside and historic market towns to live in in the UK.

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Our top picks for the best city life in the UK

London – the beating heart of the UK

London’s melting pot of cultures, peoples and businesses make it one of the most desirable cities to live in around the world. It has something to offer any taste and suit any need.

London is made up of 32 boroughs, each with its own distinct character and charm. The borough of Bexley is best for affordable living, Islington is best for students given its close proximity to many universities, and Camden is best for “hipsters” given its quirky eccentricity. Richmond is a good choice for families, thanks to its outstanding schools, low crime rate, and high average salary. These are just a few of London’s boroughs, whether you’re a foodie, nature lover or anything in between, there’ll be a borough that’s right for you.

Manchester – the London of the north

With low house and rent prices yet a similar “buzz” to London, wide streets lined by tall buildings strangely reminiscent of New York and a sophisticated restaurant dining scene, you are sure to quickly fall in love with this city. Manchester’s central geographic location in England makes it ideal for travel. Dash up to Scotland to see the Highlands in a manageable 4 hours, or down south for the sun and sea in Cornwall in the same amount of time. With plans for a high-speed train connecting London to Manchester in just one hour, a regular commute to the capital is also conceivable. If you find yourself yearning for international travel, Manchester Airport is the second busiest in the UK, providing plenty of direct flight options to destinations all around the globe. Despite all these travel options, you don’t have to stray far from Manchester to find something that will pique your interests. The city itself is sandwiched between the Peak District and the Lake District, two of the UK’s most beautiful National Parks and official “Areas of Outstanding Beauty” and you can be a either in a matter of minutes.


Edinburgh – the jewel in Scotland’s crown and its capital city

If the idea of living amongst rolling mountains and jaw-dropping landscapes inspires your imagination, you could do worse than considering making Edinburgh your new home. Despite being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a compact city, making it easy to get about by bike or foot. Edinburgh offers a range of accommodation options at various price points so you can be sure that you will find a property that’s right for you.

Edinburgh’ thriving arts and performance scene is world-renowned for its yearly “Fringe Festival”, a showcase of some of the best up and coming acts and acting troupes from around the globe, and was the launchpad for many now-famous faces such as Russell Brand, Stephen Fry and the late Robin Williams.


Top picks for the best country escapes in the UK

The UK countryside is very special and rare. The sights themselves may not have the dramatics associated with American landscapes such as the Grand Canyon or be as dazzling as the mountain ranges of Europe but the UK is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world due to the sheer variety of flora, fauna and unique landscapes that can be attributed to our fairly diverse climate, a result of our unique global geographical location and the nature of being a small island nation.

From the UK’s “breadbasket” in the East of England with flat flooded-plains that stretch as far as the eye can see, to the magnificent beauty of the Scottish Highlands with its scenic winding mountain roads, the UK countryside is perhaps a surprising natural beauty for many.


Choose the Lake District for its natural beauty (or any of our National Parks)

If you hear the country life calling, researching properties in one of our numerous national parks could be a wise place to start. The Lake District is a good example of what UK national parks, and countryside more broadly, have to offer. Expansive vistas, rolling hills, towering mountains, stretching lakes, the amount of natural beauty is astonishing and with many idyllic villages and towns, you’re sure to find your own little corner of paradise here.


Live amongst the surfers and white sands of Cornwall

Known as the ‘California of England’, Cornwall has the laid-back vibe and strong surf scene to match and is arguably the best of the British seaside with crystal-clear turquoise-blue sea and pure white sand reminiscent of the French Rivera. But Cornwall shares more than just beautiful beaches with its French neighbours, a short hop just across the channel by ferry or train. Cornish vineyards welcome more than 50,000 visitors each year to sample a variety of award-winning local wines. Perhaps it is for this reason that Cornwall holds the enviable title of the happiest place in the UK.



Salcombe – the home of the English Riveria

Sticking with the theme of seaside escapes, Salcombe, part of the ‘English Rivera’, is a resort town popular with the rich and famous with an average house price of close to £1 million. It’s just up the coast from Cornwall but offers the same level of natural beauty, albeit with a more distinguished feel and a refined “British-ness” that you would expect from such an affluent area.


The “Hybrid” Option – something in-between

If you looking for something of a hybrid option that combines all the modern convinces of city life with the more sedate, laid back attitude of country living, we think the following three options will appeal to you.


Make the ancient city of Oxford your quite escape

Due to its relatively small size, Oxford maintains a more sedate character in comparison to larger cities such as Manchester or London despite being home to some of the largest technology and pharmaceutical companies supplying plenty of high-quality employment opportunities for those looking to establish a career. The city is self is steeped in history and the beautiful college buildings of world-renowned Oxford University surely make the city a special place to call home. But If you do find yourself yearning for the big city, it’s only an hour by train to the high-streets of London.


Cambridge – peaceful, well connected and growing fast

Everything that holds true for Oxford can also be said for Cambridge; 40 minutes to London by train, amazing architecture and a surrounding natural beauty with all the conveniences and job opportunities you would expect from a modern city. The world-renowned Cambridge University attracts business from all over the world, particularly in the tech sector – so for those looking for an exciting career, Cambridge provides plenty of opportunities. Cambridge’s small size makes getting around a breeze, most residents will hop on their bike if they need to run some errands, or bike down to the much loved Granchester Meadows for a swim or a punt.


Brighton – a quirky and vibrant amalgamation of the UK with  Spanish overtones.

While a weaker economy than Cambridge and Oxford, the seaside town of Brighton attracts numerous medium-sized national companies that provide plenty of job opportunities. What really sets Brighton apart is its amazing white apartment buildings, seemingly a combination of British architecture inspired by Spanish influences. The Spanish influence doesn’t end there with Brighton’s buzzing party atmosphere brought to life by the many restaurants and bars lining the promenade. Brighton is truly unique and has managed to rise above the somewhat outdated feel that haunts many other British seaside towns – fun, fresh and vibrant.

Wherever you decide to make a home in the UK, InvestUK is on hand to offer support and guidance throughout your journey. Contact us today with any questions you may have.


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