With panic buying and colder temperatures just around the corner, it can be easy to get bogged down in current affairs. But recent major investment in the UK economy from the US shows that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, to the tune of a potential US-UK free trade deal.

The signs are clear: recent US investment into the UK from Investment firm Blackstone demonstrates that the UK’s long-standing pedigree for creating great films has not gone unnoticed, with a considerable injection of £700 million in to the sector that is estimated will create 4,500 new jobs.

Alongside the UK’s film industry, Blackstone has recognised the enduring strength of the UK life sciences sector, graciously offering £850 million of investment creating a further 2,700 jobs in a sector already worth an staggering 63.5 billion.

Blackstone’s recent investments into UK industry points towards a positive future for the Anglo-American relations, with trade between the two countries up 5% to £196.3 billion in 2020 on the previous three years, making the US by far the UK’s biggest trading partner. With such success, all signs seem to point to a seemingly inevitable UK-US trade deal.

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