The simple path to UK residency

The UK Government's Tier 1 (Investor) visa programme enables investors and their families who make a substantial financial contribution into the UK economy, to enter or remain in the UK.


A straightforward and accelerated solution, the Investor visa allows holders to obtain UK Permanent Residence after 5 years.

To maximise the value of your investment, we operate a variety of visa-compliant secured loan options offering a strong combination of security and income alongside obtaining your UK residency.

How it works

To obtain an Investor visa applicants are simply required to invest a minimum of £2 million in active UK companies for a five years.

The Investor visa is a passive investment program, meaning that unlike the Innovator visa, investors are not required to have any business experience, active involvement in a UK company or English language qualifications.


The money you wish to invest must be held in a regulated bank in the UK or overseas. Having made your investment, and subject to anti-money laundering (AML) checks, you will receive your visa for an initial three-year period.


After this period, you may extend your visa for a further two years, provided you demonstrate that:


  1. You have maintained at least £2 million investment in the UK

  2. You have invested this sum in share or loan capital in active UK companies

  3. You have invested within three months of the start date of your Investor visa

Once you have held an Investor visa for five years, you can apply for UK Permanent Residence. To obtain this, you must meet one residency requirement: provide evidence that you have spent at least 183 days per year in the UK.

How we help

Our aim at InvestUK is to help you make a profitable investment into the United Kingdom, and one that will successfully obtain a Tier 1 (Investor) visa.

Our service is bespoke and founded on meeting individual needs. We are able to tailor all aspects of our service to your specific requirements.

For investors who wish to invest in private UK companies, perhaps with the desire to have active involvement in company operations, we offer off-market access to visa-compliant investment opportunities from through our unique pre-screened database of 250+ qualifying UK companies.

Investors who are looking for a strong combination of security and income will benefit from our Asset-Backed Bond programmes, which are a range of simple visa-qualifying secured loans offering a strong combination of security and income. We currently offer the following variants:

The Foundation Bond
  • Invest in asset-backed UK property-related projects

  • Offers a fixed return of 5% per annum over five years

The Education Bond
  • A smart way for international students to finance a UK education and earn Permanent Residence while they study

  • Offers a fixed return of 5% per annum for five years which can be used to finance a UK education

  • Full education consultancy, curated career plan and work placement included, leading to full-time UK employment

The Peak Power Bond
  • Invests in UK power infrastructure contributing to UK Government renewable energy targets

  • Fixed return of 8% per annum over five years

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"Thank you very much for all your help with my visa application and investment. InvestUK were great partners to help me with my visa, you really looked after me and were so friendly and professional".

- Ms. Q, Shanghai