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If you are looking for investment in order to grow your business, we are able to introduce a range of potential foreign investors with the financial assets and commitment to help you succeed.

Foreign Direct Investment is a £55bn annual source of capital for UK enterprises, and comes with the added value of an active investor potentially offering established routes to new markets and ready-made customer relationships, as well as new supply chain and manufacturing solutions.

Access to funds
  • Assess £200,000 to £2 million to drive your expansion plans

  • Support your acquisition strategy

  • Boost employment

New markets
  • Our foreign investors have significant knowledge and expertise in their home market

  • Investor base includes individuals, companies and state-owned enterprises from the Americas, Asia, Eastern Europe, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa

Bespoke support
  • InvestUK is the first and most successful company specialising in bringing together foreign investors and UK businesses

  • A choice of pre-qualified potential investors

  • We ensure all investments meet UK Government requirements


Businesses from any sector are welcome to seek investment from InvestUK clients, except those involved in property development or property management.

The minimum investment size is £200,000 and this can be in the form of equity or unsecured debt. The investor will become a Director of the company.

Typically, investors are most interested in UK businesses that offer:

  • Good revenue

  • Growth potential

  • A strong management team

  • The ability to create jobs

  • Opportunities to benefit from having an overseas Director

  • Good corporate governance

Get started

Contact our friendly investment management team to learn more and apply to join our portfolio.

Success stories

We have helped to fund over 150 successful UK businesses, including Vashi, Top Hat Industries, Eventopedia, MOOH, Clippings, Rise Art, Exploristics, Strabens Hall and more...